Direct pronouns in Italian

Jay Kay Jay Kay (0) on 01/02/15

I'm struggling with direct objects. Are these correct?

He wants to buy gifts for us: vuole comprarci i regali

Why are you helping her? perche la stai aiutando?




the placement of pronouns is easily googleable: infinite form, gerundio or past participle - it is attached to the verb, in conjugated forms it preceeds. With dovere potere volere it may preceed those or may be attached to the infinitive;

In the first example you are misusing the pronoun - the gifts are FOR us, thus vuole comprare regali per noi (unless you are talking about some very specific gifts (and are pointing to them? In which case you would say quelli regali or something similar).

vuole comprarci actually means '(s)he wants to buy us' - into slavery perhaps? But hopefully may be if you are a company (s)he wants to acquire.

ci vuole x means 'it takes x' or 'one needs x'.




Look Ok to me.

I was taught on the first one to put the ci at the beginning: ci vuole comprare i regali but it owuldn't surprise me if your version is also acceptable



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