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In English, how do you say...?

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 08/08/19

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Could you, please, tell me which pronoun, I or me, is better for the conversation below?

- Who's next?

- I/Me.

Thank you in advance!


I or Me

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How to use I or Me it depends  on you, but if you are writing active sentence mostly you use "I" and if you are using passive sentence then you use "Me" 

"I" am playing football. Active Sentence

Football is playing by "Me". Passive Sentence

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I and me

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I concur with Paul.  Either "I am" or "Me" works fine in my SE Pennsylvania English.  If speaking more formally and politely, I'd probably answer "I am", and if speaking more informally and casually, I might be more likely to say "Me", but they are both equally good.

The same thing works in other cases of wanting to respond to other questions with a short first person pronoun answer:

Who wants to go?    I do.  /   Me.

Who's hungry?  I am.  /  Me.

Who did this?  I did.  /  Me.

Who likes ice cream?  I do. /  Me.

Who has $5?  I do.  / Me.

And the negative answers:

I'm not.  / Not me.

I do. /  Not me.

I didn't. / Not me.

And the same choices work for other personal pronouns:

We are.   /   Us.

They are. / Them

He is.  /  Him

She is.  / Her

And maybe you're right.  Maybe "Me", "Him", and "Us"  are subconsciously short for "It's me",  "It's him", and "It's us".  


Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 13/08/19

Richard, thank you so much for your answer! It is really helpful!

I've no idea if it's short for it's me. Sorry

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I've no idea if it's short for it's me. Sorry


Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 10/08/19

No problem, Paul. Thank you!


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Definitely me if it's on its own. Only use "I" if it's the answer: "I am"


Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 08/08/19

Thank you, Paul!

Because it implies 'It's me'?

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 08/08/19

Paul, thank for your answer and the additional information!