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in the October of .../in October of...


Could you, please, tell me which of these phrases is correct: 'in the October of 2017' or 'in October of 2017'?

Thank you in advance!


In my SE Pennsylvania variety of English it would be very rare to hear or read "in the October of 2017".  Normal would be simply either "in October 2017" or "in October of 2017".

Here's my quick take on some possible differences:

1. "The" is, as usual, used when referring to a specific one of some set of things.  So if I were talking about Octobers in Pennsylvania, I could say, for example, "The October of 2016 was the most beautiful October I ever experienced."

2. If I'm referring to the month as a date (a point on a time line), I'll say "in October 2017."

3. If I were thinking or talking about Octobers and wanted to specify which one, I'd be likely to say "in October of 2017".   But sometimes people speaking formally or dramatically might also say "of".

So, 1. the October, answers the question, "which October?"

2. October, the date, answers the question, "when?"

3. October of ... answers the question, "October of which year?"


Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 07/10/17

Richard, thank you very much! Your answer is really helpful!

Jack Markson Jack Markson (1) on 14/11/17

Hey Richard, thanks a lot for your reply. I'm still learning the language and wasn't sure if there is any difference in these two phrases :)

Best regards,

elisa wise elisa wise (0) on 31/08/18

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