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Mango tango&tickle me pink


In one show, when they were describing different colours, they mentioned "mango tango" as a colour and "tickle me pink".

Could you please tell me what colour "mango tango" is? Orange?

And "tickle me pink" is very pink or slightly pink? :)

Thank you in advance!


No idea! I think they're just funny names for colors, not "technical" color terms. Mango and tango just make a funny rhyme. And there is an expression, "well, tickle me pink", or "he was tickled pink", where to be tickled pink means to be really pleased or delighted.

O.K., I'm wrong. :) I just checked the Crayola website and don't see mango tango or tickle me pink among currently available wax crayon or marker colors, but on this wikipedia page, it looks like both have been "official" crayon colors.



Paul Allard Paul Allard (0) on 28/12/15

Like many colours, it is all in the eye of the beholder. I imagine that mango tango is a type of orange and the other one some form of pink. If you want a good laugh, look at the colours listed here:

Alice Val Alice Val (2) on 28/12/15

Richard and Paul, thank you very much! Thank you for the links! Richard, I didn't know anything about Crayola. Thank you! I'm reading the wikipedia article now. Paul, the names of the colours on the site the link to which you gave are really funny :)! Thank you!

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