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John Fulling John Fulling (1) on 04/06/20

I started learning German art song since February, this year, and, started learning French a month ago, for the same reason. But, now that I've gotten into it (via Duolingo only, so far), why not take it to a higher level and become a little conversational, and so that I could read literature - in German and French. I am now in the process of learning how to learn.






Good luck with that John! May I also suggest two other media? Try watching cartoons in a language you desire to learn. They are easy to understand via picture and the will probably have repetitive vocabulary which is great! 

The other thing you can do it playing video games. There are games that help with learning languages and that can be a lot of fun.


Thank you for help with web planning Geelong



Topic Talk questions should help language learners get natural reading and listening practice. Type your transcript only (what you will record). Add any additional information or help as a comment after you submit your recording.

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