Pronouncing "r's in Portuguese?

Yeah, i wanted to know how to pronounce them, since I've heard them pronounced in different ways. Is it different in Brasil and Portugal? It depends on the word? Please I want to know :)
The 'r' is pronounced in a few ways even in Brazil, depending on the region. My only experience has been with that of Rio. If it's at the beginning of the word, there's a pronounced 'h' at the beginning of the sound as the 'r' trails it, "reales (reals, currency);" If it comes between two vowels, it has a dull 'd' sound, "barato (cheap);" If it's in the middle, flanked by a vowel and consonant, it's often a soft 'r' where the tip of your tongue barely touches the roof of your mouth as you blow air from your vocal chords, "verde (green);" If it's a 'rr', it will again have that pronounced 'h' sound as if it were in the beginning, 'terra (earth);'



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