Pronouncing "r's in Portuguese?

Yeah, i wanted to know how to pronounce them, since I've heard them pronounced in different ways. Is it different in Brasil and Portugal? It depends on the word? Please I want to know :)
Good answer, Saido. I'm gonna compare it into Spanish and English, so that you can notice the diferences. Oh, and I'm from Brazil, so this is with a Brazilian accent. We have two kinds of "R" in Brazilian Portuguese: the hard r and the soft r. "The hard R" It appears only between vowels, and it sounds a little more softer than the Spanish R in "peRRo", but it sounds exactly the american t in "buTTer" or d in "reaDer". Spanish speakers, soft your R a little! ;) "The soft R" It can appear in different places in a word. It sounds exactly like the English "h"; and, yes, softer than the Spanish J. It can appear as: -in the beginning of a word: rato -in the end of syllable: verde (veR-de), mandar (man-daR) -between vowels, but written as RR: caRRo (notice that we have the two first cases here: caR-Ro, beginning and end of a syllable) "The mute R" You just saw that in the end of a syllable is a soft R. But, in everyday conversations (at least in Brazil), when an R falls into the end of the WORD, we don't pronounce it. See the examples: -Written: O que você quer comer? -Spoken: Quê qui ocê qué comê? "O que" turned into "Quê qui", "você" into "ocê", "quer comer?" into "qué comê?". You'll get used with it more when you get the chance to speak with a native by Skype or another online chat. Hope I've helped!



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