Talking about John's pet monster.

Please correct my story, and record the text and questions. Merci! The monster is green. It is John's pet. I give the monster an ice cream cone. La monstre set vert. C'est la apprivoise de John. Je donne le monstre un cornet de creme glacée. Questions about the story: De quelle couleur est le monstre? Qui est le monstre animal de compagnie? Ce qui est donné au monstre?
Salut! Ton histoire: The monster is green. It is John's pet. I give the monster an ice cream cone. On dit: 1. Le* monstre est vert. 2. C'est l'(animal de compagnie/animal familier) de John (I can't come up with an exact word for pet) 3. Je donne (au)* monstre un cornet de creme glacée/cornet à glace (Ou bien "une glace"). The questions: 1. Nothing wrong with it :) 2. à qui appartient ce monstre? (Im sure there's more ways to say it) 3. Qu'est-ce qu'on donne au monstre? /Qu'est-ce qu'on a donné au monstre? (Be careful with tenses here, if the question is in the present tense, make sure to answer in the same tense ) Let me explain: 1. You say "le monstre" and not "la monstre" because that is a masculine word :) 2. Well, this one is a little complicated since I've never heard a word for pet, just these two expresions. "Aprivoise" sounds a little odd to me. I hope Adion intervenes :P 3. For the third sentence I just wanted to point out that you should always know the prepositions that follow each verb. In this case, the verb "donner" is followed by " à" Unless it's a masculine noun, then it's "au", and "aux" when it's plural. ex. "Tu donnes aux enfants.. (blabla)" "Elle donne à Marie.. (blabla)" " Vous donez au President.. (blablabla)". Also, "cornet de creme glacée" is fine, but It is a lot easier to say "une glace" (Glace also means ice, but is a way to say ice cream too. in spoken language it is more common to hear " la glace" ) I will upload the recordings as soon as I can.. If you have anything else you want to know feel free to ask. Also, If i didn't answer correctly or I missed something just let me know :)



Nate Hill Nate Hill (2) on 11/06/13

Thanks for your clear explanations Luis! I really appreciate the help.

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