Hanako san story from Japan. Can you tell it to me in Japanese?

I just heard about the story of Hanako-san, a famous ghost story. Can you tell it to me in your own words?


It's a bathroom ghost that haunts school stalls, closes and open doors, turns on water faucets and generally scares the hell out of students. Kind of like Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. However, if you want to meet her, you knock three times in a stall and ask "Hanako-san, are you there?" If she answers, she will knock back and say "I am here." However, if you open the door, she'll pull you into the toilet she'll crush your bones as she pulls you in. If you stay outside, you can ask her any question and she must answer it. She has a tiny voice, red dress, and her hair in a bun. If a child ventures alone, he/she will hear a voice "do you want to be friends?" If the kid says yes, he gets dragged through the toilet, if he says no, he gets cut into pieces. There's no way to avoid it.



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